A Reality Tour


If you want to know the quick answer to the question: “Why Are Lawyers Evil”, with no further information; here is the answer:  There is no benign leadership in the entire world of lawyers.


In fact, there is no leadership at all.  Let us start at the top.


  • The United States Supreme Court:  --  has no leadership responsibilities over the world of lawyers.  In fact, every year the United States Supreme Court has to go, on bended knee, to the United States Congress just to get money to operate their ship.  Moreover, the United States Supreme Court only handles about 80 cases (there are nine (9) justices  --  do the math) out of the 8,000 citizen submissions to them every year.  Thus, the U.S. Supreme Court is not in touch with mainstream law nor your local lawyer's misprisions.  Unlike Congress, you cannot just drop by for a conference the next time you happen to be in Washington D.C.

The curiosity about the secretive United States Supreme Court is that they have no legal nor administrative responsibilities over your local lawyer at all.  Yet, the United States Supreme Court gets more ink from the media and book writers than any other part of the legal system except the blogosphere.  (Check out SCOTUS if you want some real inside dope on the U.S. Supreme Court).

  • American Bar Association (ABA):  --  also is not what it seems.  It doesn't have any legal nor administrative responsibilities over your local lawyer either.  The ABA is nothing more than a large trade association.  Lawyers do not have to belong to it.  Most do not, because as soon as you sign up, a lawyer gets more junk mail than exists in the rest of the United States.


Whenever there is a U.S. Supreme Court nomination, such as our new Justice Sotomayor, the ABA is invited to weigh in on their qualifications.  OK……. just what scientific judicial performance information is out there for the ABA to draw on to pass judgment on these important judicial selections?  None.  There are no objective judicial performance evaluations (JPE) for federal judges even though half of the states have a formal system for evaluating their state judges.  Are you starting to get the drift?


  • State Supreme Courts  --  Oddly, they have no actual hands-on authority over your local lawyer.  Sure they have a minor role when new lawyers get sworn in and that is about it.  State Supreme Courts are mainly about the Courts, not lawyers.  State Supreme Courts have no real involvement in the day-to-day activities of your local lawyer.  Our present 'caste' of judges are mainly misanthropes anyway.  It makes one wonder why they got into the profession in the first place instead of, say, playground supervisor?


Can they discipline lawyers?  They shirk their responsibilities here too.  For example, local law requires that the State Supreme Court pick the judges who decide disciplinary matters.  But, State Supreme Courts don’t follow their own law.  In fact, a lonely Bar committee, made up of lawyers, makes the selections of who judges the lawyers with virtually no actual scrutiny. The State Supreme Court simply rubber stamps these lawyers’ selections.  So, what we really have is lawyers judging lawyers.  Anything wrong with that?  How about free enterprise and the natural conflict between those who judge and those judged? 


  • State Bar Associations   --  Now, we are getting somewhere.  In their mission statement, the State Bar Association says they are partners with the judiciary in the justice system.  But, what purpose do they serve. really.  They have no administrative or legal responsibilities over lawyers everyday activities except when it comes to discipline. 


So, who gets disciplined?  It is not your legal oligarchy i.e., your downtown law firms.  Now, we are onto something.  Do you see who is really running the show?


  • Local (County) Bar Associations  --  Forget it.  These are eating and drinking societies. 


Conclusion  --  There is nobody watching the candy store. 


(THE MEDIA  --  By the way, I even went to visit a local reporter when they didn’t call me back.  What do you think would happen if I called about a lawyer stealing?  Media doesn’t care anything about the legal profession.  They would rather report on pot holes in the highway system than about real lawyers really doing their thing for citizens.)  That is one reason why our media is in eclipse. 


There is nobody at the federal level who has any interest nor responsibility to police local lawyers.  No trade organization cares. 


No State Court Justices have any real involvement in the day-to-day activities of local lawyers.  State Bars are public corporations without portfolio.  State Bars serve the rich and the powerful lawyers of their state and care about very little else.  The local State Bar is worth $20 million yet has no official corporate Treasurer.  The local State Bar couldn’t muster up a quorum to have their 2008 annual mandatory business  meeting, yet did not report it in their official minutes because the Bar has no official corporate Secretary


Nobody cares about standards of the legal profession because they all have theirs.  There is no leadership.  That is why lawyers are evil. 





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